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2.1 Importation of petroleum products especially Automotive Gasoline Oil,

provision of oil and gas equipment, specialized skill manpower, safety gear etc and supervisory services for the following onshore and offshore projects:-


 Fabrication and installation of flow line-gasoline gathering system.


 Fabrication and installation of gas lift system.


 Modification of flow line, hookups and platform extension.


 Pressure/ultrasonic fasting of production vessels.


 Cathodic protection


 Sand blasting/painting of production facilities.


 Installation, commissioning and maintenance of generators, turbines and compressors.


3. SUPPLIES: 3.1 Supplies of assorted types of marine equipment, such as barges,

tug boats and vessels both creek and high sea operations.


3.2 Supplies of various types of equipment and tools used in the oil and gas industry.


3.3 Importation and supplies of machine parts.



 Hiring out, maintenance and construction of marine equipment and various

types of vessels such as: tug boat, screw boat, fuel barges, sea-going house boat,

and offshore tankers to the oil drilling companies as well as oil field support services

to companies operating in the sub region of the Niger Delta.


 Supply of petroleum products


 Civil engineering, dredging, reclamation and shore protection.


 Consultancy services.




1.1 Design, construction, repairs, periodic maintenance

and servicing of all marine vessels, equipment and machines.


1.2 Procurement, installation and maintenance of industrial machines.


1.3 Steel works and drilling services.


1.4 Civil design and construction


1.5 Feasibility studies and project planning


1.6 Inspection services and preparation of bids and pricing.






















 Jeftex Marine Services retains some seasoned professionals who render the under-listed services to our numerous customers which indludes

Contract inspection and administration, Call out maintenance services, Consultancy services, etc......

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