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Our Vision



To be a model of excellence in the provision of engineering


and technical services in the marine and petroleum industry


with a focus to earn the confidence of all


our numerous client/customers.



To constantly innovate and sustain an exceptional services culture, optimally deploying resources in a professional and socially responsible
manner as well as delivering high quality marine engineering services to our clients by working strictly to standard specifications and keeping to schedule of work while ensuring that all our employees perform their duties in strict recognition of our policy of achieving zero- low time accident (LTA) status at the end of every year by applying our occupational health, safety and environment procedures/guidelines on all our operational fronts.



 Executing our duties with a spirit of casting a niche for reformation and innovation.


 Delivering prompt services


 Treating our clients with all importance and dignity.


 Motivating our staff at the all levels with attractive incentives.


 Using seasoned and competent personnel as well as good quality equipment for our jobs


 Meeting our goals and targets ahead of schedule.


 Keeping to industrial safety standards.


 Ensure realization of the collective goals.