We have been in operation since 1995 as a Marine Company with substantive years of experience in the Oil Industry of the Nigeria economy.


JEFTEX MARINE SERVICES LTD (RC 4455669) is multifaceted petroleum, dredging and marine services firm which has been in operation for over a decade as JEFTEX MARINE SERVICES and has through the years gone through some monumental developments which have made her metamorphose into a limited liability company with operation based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

Since inception Jeftex has maintained excellence in various areas of services rendered to client/customers such as hiring out, maintenance and construction of marine equipment and various types of vessels such like: tug boat, screw boat, fuel barges, sea-going house boat, and offshore tankers to the oil drilling companies as well as oil field support services to companies operating in the sub region of the Niger Delta.